The new online retail platform for archived fashion.

The challenge

Excess inventory poses major challenges for today's fashion industry

Lost profits

Tied up working capital and significant storage costs of overstock are financially burdening and require unnecessary management overhead.

Depreciated brand value

On-season stock is constantly cannibalizes on-season sales and has a negative impacting sell-through and conditioning customers to wait until reductions.


Traditional online and offline outlets showcase an infinite number of brands without tailored differentiation, making it difficult for brands to outsell their stocks.

The solution

Arkiv is a curated online platform selling revisited products from the archive

No upfront cost

Charges only occur when your product sell. No investment required.

Enhanced marketing

Arkiv’s team of digital professionalists are building towards a unique positioning in the market, making sure your products reach the right audience.

Fair pricing

Set your price limit for each product and Arkiv will optimize for the best selling price to help you sell and earn what you expect.

Curated selection

The creative team of ARKIV will make sure that only the most relevant styles and brands will be showcased on the site.

Repositioned pieces

Arkiv creates new imagery of every product on the site. With the goal to create a new context for them, consumers gain the experience of discovery, once again.

Drop-ship model

Drop-shipping allows you to handle your inventory at your disposal and deliver directly to customers to minimize overhead, while Arkiv provides you the right tools to manage the whole process.


  • What kind of brands is the Arkiv platform made for?

    • Arkiv primarily works with fashion labels in the luxury, premium and contemporary categories, who seek a solution to sell their excess inventory in a flexible, and easy way.
  • How does Arkiv work?

    • Step 1. Product selection: Once a brand is qualified to be on Arkiv, the Retailer has to upload the products he or she wants to sell. Based on this information, Arkiv pre-selects the collection and informs the Retailer which products can be sold on Arkiv.
    • Step 2. Re-edit: The Retailer sends one product sample per style for photoshooting, so that Arkiv can create the product and editorial photos for the website. After the shooting, the samples are shipped back to the Retailer.
    • Step 3. Launch: Arkiv launches the selected products on the website, whilst the Retailer only has to manage the available inventory.
    • Step 4. Purchase & Delivery: When a product is sold on Arkiv, the Retailer is informed to fulfill the order using its own parcel service provider, whilst Arkiv manages the payment transactions and the invoicing.
    • Step 5. Payout: The Retailer can monitor the purchases on Arkiv’s Dashboard platform. Payment is received directly from Arkiv.
  • How old do pieces need to be to qualify as ‘Arkiv’?

    • Any off-season collection can be registered for Arkiv, even the latest ones that are not on-season anymore.
  • What is the minimum stock required?

    • Ideally a minimum of 40 style/brand should be presented on Arkiv, in order to achieve a cohesive brand representation on the website. Further stock requirements would be flexible.
  • How long does stock stay live on the website?

    • The items will be available on Arkiv, as long as they are available in the Retailer’s stock.
  • Who manages the contact between product and delivery?

    • Mostly Arkiv. Since the stock is in the possession of the Retailer, they just have to put their parcel service provider account number into our automated system. When an item is sold on Arkiv, the Retailer is informed (through email, Arkiv Dashboard) and the system arranges the fulfillment automatically.
  • Who is targeting new consumers? Is Arkiv responsible for promoting the collections?

    • Arkiv’s marketing team is helping brands to approach new and relevant customers in order to widen their customer circles. Our priority is to create a tailored marketing strategy to promote the collections which will include e.g. finding the right influencers, endorsements along with further disruptive tactics.
  • Who manages clients and customer services?

    • Arkiv has its own dedicated Customer Service team responsible for all customer-related issues.

Customer Benefits

The founders of Arkiv

Peter Baldaszti is the co-founder and CEO of Arkiv. By building several ventures in creative industries, he has developed an entrepreneurial toolset that enabled him to jumpstart the emerging contemporary brand Nanushka as a co-owner and CEO. Through his work with Nanushka, he gained an insight into the inefficiencies and challenges of the fashion industry which led him to found Arkiv to solve a few of them.

Gershon Nagy is the co-founder and CEO at Arkiv. By successfully building, scaling and selling several e-business ventures he has developed a diverse skillset that helped him efficiently launch, develop and scale Global e-commerce projects into multi-million dollar businesses. His creative background and education also enables him to approach fashion related projects with passion.

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